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Alfa revives curvy Giulia

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The Giulia is ready for its close-up! Alfa Romeo is preparing a stunning new BMW 3-Series rival for next year – and our exclusive image shows how the storming 300bhp Cloverleaf version is shaping up.

The successor to the 159 follows the design language first introduced on the MiTo, and reinterpreted on the Giulietta, and will uphold the Italian company’s tradition of building beautiful cars. A shark-like nose, LED lights and clutter-free body panels give even more road presence than its key German rivals. And the hot Cloverleaf shown here is marked out by a road-hugging bodykit, 19-inch alloy wheels and the distinctive Quadrifoglio Verde badge on the flanks.

Many had hoped the Giulia would use a rear-wheel-drive layout, but our sources have revealed that won’t be the case until the next-generation car. For the time being, it will feature a stretched version of the Giulietta’s platform – underpinnings that will also grace Alfa’s forthcoming SUVs.

Bosses are aiming for a class-leading balance of ride and handling, and will introduce an Active Roll Control system. This tightens up the springs and dampers automatically through corners. What’s more, an optional two-mode Active Damping programme will enable the driver to tailor the trade-off between comfort and agility.

Completing the package will be the switchable DNA system already seen on the MiTo and Giulietta – this alters steering weight and throttle response.

The engine line-up taps into owner Fiat’s latest MultiAir technology, and will be among the most advanced in the class. As well as the 1.4-litre turbo unit from the Giulietta – with 118bhp or 168bhp – the Giulia will be offered with the Brera’s 200bhp 1750 TBi powerplant.

Biggest sellers in the UK, however, are expected to be models fitted with the latest JTDm diesel powerplants. These range in output from 104bhp to 200bhp.

The top-spec Cloverleaf will feature a modified version of Fiat subsidiary Chrysler’s Pentastar 3.3-litre petrol V6, complete with MultiAir technology and direct fuel injection, for more power and lower CO2 emissions.

Alfa is aiming for an output of 300bhp, delivered through Q2 front-wheel-drive or Q4 all-wheel-drive transmissions. That will make the hottest model a direct rival for Audi’s sizzling S5. To underline the importance of the new

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Castrol EDGE Experience Nurburgring contest

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With more than a hundred years of heritage and accomplishment, it’s no surprise that Castrol is very much a hallowed name in the lubricants field. The brand has certainly evolved since its humble beginnings in 1909, when the company started by Charles Cheers Wakefield ten years earlier introduced the name in a castor-based motor oil it had developed. Little did Wakefield know then just how successful the brand – and the name – would become.
The oil, in its Castrol R form, helped shape many a winner in races and speed record-breaking events in the earlier part of the 20th century, and as a name, is proudly responsible for being the lubricant supplier in 21 world land speed records, no small achievement. And the brand’s association with Formula 1 in the past has also been very notable and distinguished.
Today, Castrol is still at the forefront of racing, covering a host of motor sport disciplines from the World Rally Championship and World Touring Cars to the two-wheeled excitement of MotoGP, but the company’s portfolio has broadened considerably, spanning products that cover virtually all domestic, commercial and industrial applications. All that expertise translates into one thing – delivering leading edge lubricants in whatever field they are applied in. For the automotive passenger car market, there’s a comprehensive line-up in the EDGE, Magnatec and GTX range of engine oils available in the market.
Topping the hierarchy is of course the Castrol EDGE range, which is the company’s best performance fully-synthetic oil. The range has been specifically engineered to meet and go beyond the toughest industry performance standards and specification across what the company has defined as seven critical engine factors, starting with protection against wear – good oil should keep the metal in your engine, where it should be.
Castrol EDGE also provides power protection, to combat the oil deterioration aspects brought about by hard revving and lots of high speed running. Other factors include thermal control aspects and offering performance in extreme conditions – keeping it fluid when the engine is cold to provide easier starts as well as less wear-and-tear, getting up to temperature quickly, and not thin down too much when things get really hot inside the engine.
Another characteristic that Castrol EDGE displays is great durability – it lasts longer inside your engine, resisting burn-off. Needless to say, it also stays cleaner for longer too, and let’s not forget fuel economy.
Designed to perform in today’s most highly tuned engines, and available in three viscosities locally, these being Sport 0W-40, Sport 5W-40 and Sport 10W-60, there’s a right Castrol EDGE to be found for those who are unwilling to compromise on quality and performance, no matter what, where or how hard they drive.
Oh, and here’s a bit of trivia to end things this time around – do you know that Castrol product packages still feature the red, white and green colour scheme that was introduced with the launch of the original Castrol motor oil in 1909?

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